Our Vision

Music is hope for everyone.


The Meridiem Music Marathon is a 24-hour music marathon that raises money for relevant, charitable causes by recruiting performers from all over the world. Our mission is to unite the state of Texas through philanthropic fundraising, service, and music of all ages, genres, and instruments. Meridiem aims to expose everyone, particularly children, to the performing arts by creating an inclusive, accessible, and enriching environment for everyone to support our rotating primary beneficiary and the music community.

This project was created with the intention of addressing neglected issues by fundraising for other nonprofits with additional capital to help with sustainable growth. However, fundraising and subsequent allocation of funds puts a band-aid on the problem — not a whole solution.

Therefore, Meridiem strives to work directly with our beneficiary by providing hands-on service opportunities, interactive music performances, field trips, and many more fulfilling experiences. We don’t want this marathon to act as a transaction — we want to build long-term relationships.

With direct engagement, Meridiem makes great efforts to promote dialogues pertinent to not only the work our beneficiaries do but also the larger systemic issues that prompted them to take action. Ideally, those involved with Meridiem will gain a deeper understanding of the problems our beneficiaries face and ultimately leave with a lifelong awareness of and action against these issues.

With music, I aspire to create a community of musicians and Texas volunteers who can find hope and love in serving others. With the great range and diversity in the music marathon, witnesses can watch a group of different individuals come together through music to support a greater cause. I hope that the Meridiem Music Marathon can impact others -- musicians or not -- to use their talents and gifts to give back.


Eunice Lee
Founder, Executive Director