meridiem (n.)

"From the Latin words meridies (midday), ante (before) and post (after), the term ante meridiem (a.m.) means before midday and post meridiem (p.m.) means after midday. Since "noon" (midday - meridies (m.)) is neither before nor after itself, the terms a.m. and p.m. do not apply."

To take the name literally, the concert captures an entire, perfect meridiem of the 12-hour clock. However, the name also addresses the intangible nature of time and music alike. Like time, live music is something to be experienced in the moment, never to re-experienced — but in that moment, so much can happen. And music is a powerful force that gives us hope and unity. This event celebrates diversity through the power of music and in support of an important cause.


Founded in July 2018 in Austin, TX, Eunice Lee created the Meridiem Music Marathon as a fundraising effort for the nonprofit Together We Rise, in order to reunite separated foster siblings. This event was planned in two weeks and raised nearly $2,000.

Now in its second year, the Meridiem Music Marathon has already grown drastically. With the addition of hands-on service opportunities, interactive music performances, field trips, a gala, and many other events along with the 24-hour music marathon, Meridiem strives to unite the state of Texas through philanthropy, service, and music.

We aim to create a hopeful, united, and enriching environment for everyone, particularly children, to gain performing arts exposure and support our rotating beneficiary.

Open to all ages, genres, and instruments, the music marathon recruits musicians and performers from across the world. All events are free and accessible to the public.